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  • 1 Sep 2021 11:10 AM | Anonymous

    A disinformation campaign claiming that the Covid-19 virus originated from an American military base in Maryland has gained popularity in China ahead of the release of a US intelligence report on the virus origins.

    BBC Reports

  • 31 Aug 2021 1:28 PM | Anonymous

    A spike in coronavirus infections and a slump in vaccination uptake is holding back Europe's effort to curb the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned.

    BBC Reports

  • 31 Aug 2021 1:27 PM | Anonymous

    Australia has recorded its 1,000th death from the pandemic, as it struggles to contain Delta variant outbreaks.

    BBC Reports

  • 30 Aug 2021 1:22 PM | Anonymous

    Most US intelligence agencies believe coronavirus was passed from animals to human, and not linked to a Chinese lab.

    SBS Reports

  • 30 Aug 2021 1:21 PM | Anonymous

    People are twice as likely to need hospital care if they are sick with the Delta Covid variant, rather than the Alpha variant that was once prevalent in the UK, data from England suggests.

    BBC Reports

  • 30 Aug 2021 1:20 PM | Anonymous

    A major review of vaccines suggests the AstraZeneca jab does raise the risk of blood clots and another serious condition that can cause bleeding.

    BBC Reports

  • 30 Aug 2021 1:20 PM | Anonymous

    "The window of opportunity" to conduct crucial studies into how the Covid-19 pandemic started is closing, senior scientists have said.

    BBC Reports

  • 30 Aug 2021 1:19 PM | Anonymous

    More than half of India's eligible population - some 473 million people - have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine, official data says.

    BBC Reports

  • 25 Aug 2021 11:21 AM | Anonymous

    Some patients with impaired immune systems have a low or absent antibody response after receiving two doses of Covid vaccine, a UK study has found.

    BBC Reports

  • 25 Aug 2021 11:20 AM | Anonymous

    The UK has ordered 35 million more doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which will be delivered in the second half of 2022.

    BBC Reports

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