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  • 27 Nov 2020 12:03 PM | Anonymous

    The coronavirus pandemic could wipe out 25 years of increasing gender equality, new global data from UN Women suggests. BBC Reports

  • 27 Nov 2020 12:02 PM | Anonymous

    AstraZeneca is facing tricky questions about its success rate that some experts say could hinder its chances of getting speedy US and EU regulatory approval. SBS reports

  • 26 Nov 2020 10:51 AM | Anonymous

    Global coronavirus cases top 60 million as United States reports record number of hospitalisations. It's believed the global tally reflects only a fraction of the actual number of infections, with many countries lacking testing capacity or only testing the most serious cases. Read more here

  • 24 Nov 2020 2:29 PM | Anonymous

    Researchers find COVID immunity lasts longer than first thought. Studies of patients have shown cells in their bodies remember the coronavirus for at least eight months after infection and naturally trigger an immediate immune response. Further information can be viewed here

  • 24 Nov 2020 2:28 PM | Anonymous

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters on Sunday in Berlin after the virtual G-20 summit that "COVID-19 is a global challenge that can only be answered by all". Watch SBS here

  • 20 Nov 2020 11:14 AM | Anonymous

    Experts worry that many COVID-19 infections and deaths in Africa are being missed or unrecorded, as testing rates for the continent of 1.3 billion people are among the lowest in the world. 

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  • 17 Nov 2020 12:16 PM | Anonymous

    Global hopes of overcoming the coronavirus pandemic were boosted after a second vaccine was found to be nearly 95 per cent effective in a trial. Click here to read more. 

  • 16 Nov 2020 12:28 PM | Anonymous

    President-elect Joe Biden’s top advisors called for urgent action to address the nation’s “deeply alarming” COVID-19 surge as US infections crossed the 11 million mark. SBS reports

  • 16 Nov 2020 12:27 PM | Anonymous

    A new study reveals the coronavirus emerged in Italy in September, suggesting COVID-19 might have spread beyond China earlier than previously thought. You can read further more here.

  • 16 Nov 2020 12:26 PM | Anonymous

    An official from the World Health Organization says it is troubling to see growing signs of vaccine misinformation and mistrust. SBS reports

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